Telefilm Transfers has significant ability to transfer broadcast and outdated formats to professional files. Since Telefilm, in association with Sound Image Inc, Arisen Media, Arrival Video Productions, The Sherwood Group Ltd, and the Applestick Media Group (associate companies and producers of national television programming), has created files for national broadcast and, in particular, documentaries. Professional companies have requested everything from two inch quad tapes to historic EIAJ tapes to be transferred to editable formats for serious media applications.



  • Super 8 2-track sound (stereo) or silent
  • 16mm Optical or Magnetic Sound, silent
  • 35mm Optical or Magnetic Sound, silent
  • Pathe 9.5mm, 28mm, silent
  • 16/35mm Double System



  • 3/4 Inch SP, & U-Matic (PAL U-Matic)
  • Betacam, Beta SP, Digi Beta, PAL Beta SP
  • Panasonic DVC Pro25, 50,100HD
  • Full Sized HDV Cassettes
  • Sony DVCam 25
  • One Inch Type C (NTSC & PAL)
  • XD Cam Discs (SD & HD)
  • Two Inch Quad
  • NLD SAT2000 DV Drives
  • Archival Formats (EIAJ, etc.)



  • Cassette, Records
  • Sprocketed Mag Tape
  • Wire Reels
  • Most Reel-to-Reel Audio Formatsitem1


  • to Uncompressed HD Pro Res (8 bit/10 bit)
  • to AVID DNxHD on Hard Drive
  • to Pro-Res HD on Hard Drive
  • to Pro-Res 2K (10 bit) on Hard Drive
  • to DVD (4.44mb & 8.20mb)
  • to Blu-ray Professional HD disc
  • to AVCHD HD on Hard Drive (up-res)
  • to AVID DNxHD on Hard Drive (up-res)
  • to AVCHD MP4 HD (conversion)
  • Upscaling SD to HD / 2K / 4K
  • Upscaling HD to 2K / 4K
  • Upscaling HD/2K to 4K
  • DVD/Blu-ray Rip and Transcode
  • Repair of most tapes (splicing), tape rebinding for bio-degrading materials, and cleaning
  • DVD and Blu-ray disc copying and packaging for small to mid-sized orders
  • USB Thumb drive, pocket drive, SD card, and hard drive copies