TELEFILM TRANSFERS has been a well known transfer company since the early 1980s. Pioneered by co-owners Fred Apple and Rick Lombardi, the company was created to accommodate clients seeking the highest transfer quality available.

The owners originally began to transfer movies on flying spot scanner systems which yielded very good imaging. Still, unsatisfied, they modified traditional telecine systems with upgradable camera capability that allowed moving from tube technology to chip technology almost instantaneously. This drive to make the best possible images ultimately led to a wonderful partnership with C.W. Churchman, a leading transfer facility in broadcast archiving. Mr. Churchman developed the first Regular 8mm system for the Bosch FDL60 professional movie film scanner. Mr. Churchman also added the unique liquid gate scratch minimizing system to the QUADRA that allowed scratched up films to look virtually brand new. This system, along with the R8mm gate setup, has allowed the newer Quadravision Scanner system to also be updated with these features as well. Thus, constantly seeking to offer the best is what Telefilm Transfers LLC is all about.

Today, along with Carl Strahl (Director of Production), Craig Kuptsow (Director of Sales & Marketing), and Ed Stevens (QUAD Production Services), Telefilm continues to offer the highest transfer technology that includes true HD 1920 by 1080 scanning on our DFT Spirit Scanner. And now we are offering yet another upgrade: DFT 2K transfers. And 4K realtime is on the way! Many large institutions and production facilities have used Telefilm for many years and have been extremely happy with both the quality and the service.

but that's not all...

Telefilm Transfers is not just about film. It’s about video as well. In fact we are also known for our consumer video AND broadcast format tape conversions to DVD, Blu-ray and/or hard drive, as well as for our unique audio archiving services that include dictation discs and wire recordings. And if there is a need for older archival formats (EIAJ video, etc.) we can handle that too. Plus, professional archiving is one of our specialties. We can handle everything from Betacam to Digital Betacam, 1” type C, DVC Pro50/100, Sony XD Cam discs, 2 Inch Quad, 4 track 1/4 inch audio, and lots more - including PAL One Inch Type C, Betacam, and U-Matic.

Finally, as associate contributors to TV projects with our sister company Arisen Media (formerly Sound Image, Inc.) that range from national/local TV commercials (Comcast TV Spots, Mantis Grounds Care products, American Czestochowa, and lots more) to training videos (the Rohm and Haas Company), informational programs (The Open Heart Surgery Experience 4 Part Program at St. Mary Medical Center In Langhorne, PA), and TV Production (The “Christina Cooks” National TV Show), Telefilm offers a wealth of experience to the transfer world. This has allowed our personnel/engineers to be well versed in multiple production applications that include all our video tape technologies and audio format archiving. So take a look at our downloadable Catalog of Services (Contact us for our catalog) and get familiar with all that we can do for virtually any archival need - home or pro!!!